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3 Drills For Modern One Handed Backhand in Tennis

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3 Drills For Modern One Handed Backhand in Tennis – Thiem Wawrinka Federer Backhand Technique.

The one handed backhand in tennis is a difficult shot to master and it has evolved throughout the years. ATP Players like Dominic Thiem, Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer use it to great effect and are able to generate incredible backhand power and backhand topspin as well as have the ability to hit precise shots on the run even when pulled out wide.

With Australian Open 2020 Final approaching we anticipate a big battle between Dominic Thiem and Novak Djokovic. One Handed Backhand vs Two Handed Backhand. Many coaches have dismissed the one handed backhand as a dying art; a shot that will not withstand the demands of the modern game but we get proven again and again by players like Thiem who defeated Rafael Nadal in the semi finals, that it can be a real weapon if used correctly.

You may be asking yourself questions like: How to hit a tennis backhand? How to hit a one handed backhand in tennis?

There are 3 fundamental drills that any player wanting to master the modern single handed backhand should do. In this video we break down everything you need to take your tennis one handed backhand to the next level!

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