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Do Not “Step Into The Ball”… Load Up And Push Into The Ball

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Timing: Never “Step into the Ball – Push into the Ball”

All around the world tennis coaches can be heard telling their clients to “Step into the Ball”
No high level player has “Stepped into the ball” for over 20 years.

If you step into the ball, then you will inevitably step first and hit the ball second.
This results in the lower body being totally isolated from the upper body and providing zero assistance to the stroke.

Anyone who questions this should compare hitting the ball while stepping in with hitting the ball standing still.

It becomes obvious that the stroke and the power is the same.

Instead of this antiquated yet common advice, think about pushing from the toes of whatever foot is carrying the most weight. It is usually the back foot.

If you “Step into the Ball” Nothing happens but if you:
“Push into the Ball” then your whole body will be launched into the stroke.

For power in your groundstrokes “Push Into The Ball”.

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