Booster Shots Is A Scientific Experiment On The Masses

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The basis for the governments decisions to vaccinate the masses with a booster shot is unknown and was never communicated to the scientific community at large. In any case the decision to do so looks like a bad decision in light of the data available today.

Repeated exposures to the same strain of virus may result in increased affinity (increased ability to link between antibody and viral antigen) to the same viral strain to which we were exposed.

The formation of antibodies by B cells, occurs among other things using a process called affinity maturation. In this process, antibodies are formed that have an increasingly strong binding ability.

The more antigen we inject, the more they will “choose” B cells that are specific for the strain or antigen we are storing.

This will cause us to lose populations of B cells that are less specific to the same strain / antigen storage but may be very effective for a new strain of virus that may arrive.

That is: we increase the specificity of the immune response but lower the flexibility of the response.

Anyone who has studied immunology knows that one of the most powerful features of the immune system is its flexibility.

Giving repeat boosters with an “out-of-date” immune reagent may eventually help the virus evade the immune system.

Moreover, the importance of antibodies in protecting against the virus is much lower than the general public (and perhaps even decision makers think). The more significant arm in response to viruses is the T cell arm.

T cells are known as a very significant line of defense against many viruses including seasonal coronary arteries.

The vaccine induces immune memory and cellular protection and there is no evidence that immune memory is currently weakened.

One of the target populations that the vaccine targets primarily as the significant risk group is the elderly patients.

I also have older parents who I would like to protect but I would not recommend them to get vaccinated with the third or fourth vaccine in its current form.

As the immune system ages, memory T cells decrease. Ostensibly giving a booster will only help them.

However, this is not necessarily true!

It has been previously reported that in view of the limitation of the T cell repertoire which decreases with age there is a concern that repeated exposures to the same antigen will cause a shift (skewing) of T cells against the same contaminating factor.

This means that it may eventually lead to loss of memory T cells against other contaminants.

This theory was raised even before the pandemic and does not specifically address the current vaccine.

The double-edged sword of vaccines is a difficult problem here as well that may be far more dangerous than those it purports to save.

If there is indeed a thought for a booster shot, a controlled trial should be performed by a team of experts on the subject, who will receive the required ethics approvals.

The adult public are not experimental rats for big pharma or are they?

For one and a half years the governments and their propaganda machines pump messaging that if you do not get a shot you will die. Later other people invent stories that children die in England because they are unvaxxed. Now they are using dragnets and obedient nations like Israel to pressure Aussie kids to sign up for government funded addiction program.

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