Covid-19: Definitions Matter – And Yes This Is How They Count Deaths

Norman Fenton is Professor in Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London.

Professor Norman Fenton

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Covid-19: Definitions mater – and these are REAL

Norman Fenton is Professor in Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London and when he recently posted the image above he got a storm of useful idiots  claiming this is false without offering any evidence to back their position.

Below you will find screenshots from the UK Government Covid dashboard website on definitions of cases and deaths:

It is also important to note that having a positive PCS test within 28 days of deaths is not the ONLY way to be counted as a Covid death. In fact the dashboard also has this plot, which is the one whose numbers are generally quoted:

If proper analyses of cause of death were undertaken then clearly this number should be much lower than the number who died within 28 days of a positive test. Unfortunately the numbers are consistently HIGHER – as of today the cumulative total of deaths within 28 days of a positive test is 148,089 whereas the cumulative total with Covid-19 on the death certificate is 171,801. This means that in addition to all of those classified as a Covid-19 death by virtue of a positive test within 28 days, another 23,000 deaths have been added. We suspect that many are like that of this twitter responder:

And (as the dashboard website has recently removed the definition of a Covid hospitalisation) here is the definition in the NHS England Report

For definition of a vaccinated and unvaccinated person see this CDC report (all the various studies of vaccine efficacy and safety from around the world that we have previously reported on use these definitions):

This CDC report also has the US definitions of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. The only difference to the UK definitions is that anybody dying within 60 days of a positive PCR test is classified as a Covid death:

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