Has the virus been isolated? Yes.

Virologists themselves don’t agree on the definition of “isolate.” Does it require purification or not? If we don’t agree on the terminology, there is no end to the arguments.

Steve Kirsch

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So why aren’t we doing experiments on animals to determine the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines? Answer: Because nobody wants to know the answer.

I rely on expert opinions of people who I trust for certain issues like whether or not the virus has been “isolated.” It’s a reasonable approach if you are careful about which experts you trust.

All of the expert friends I’ve asked (including Robert Malone and Li-Meng Yan) tell me that “the virus has been isolated.” So it has been “isolated” according to their belief in what the term means.

Others interpret the term differently and would claim the virus hasn’t been isolated. Both sides are right because they define the term differently. It’s all semantics.

You can physically buy the virus in various forms (at ATCC and EVAg). If you have a BSL3 lab and a live virus, you can expose it to animals and they will get sick.

Some people will disagree with what I just wrote

Various commenters are calling each other flat earthers, etc.

The arguments go flying about double-blind studies to “prove” you got the right virus, the use (or misuse) of Koch’s postulates, whether Andrew Kaufman and Stefan Lanka are “for real” or “nut jobs,” whether the FOIA asks were contrived to elicit a null response, and what the definition of “isolation” really is (does it mean purified or not, for example).

If you watch the video above at 4:00, you’ll see even virologists themselves don’t agree on the definition of “isolate.” Does it require purification or not? If we don’t agree on the terminology, there is no end to the arguments. And that’s exactly what we see on the chat. And it is why debating Kaufman and his collaborators is fruitless: each side will dig in on their own definitions and settle nothing.

These three articles are a good read:

  1. The Psychiatrist Who Calmly Denies Reality
  2. No, German ‘supreme court’ didn’t rule that ‘measles doesn’t exist’
  3. Report Falsely Claims US CDC ‘Admits COVID-19 Doesn’t Exist’

DontCoitusMyCOTUS (despite the colorful language) points out:

  1. Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowen are misleading people with their arguments. Kaufman, for example, is a psychiatrist who admits he has never done virus research.
  2. “Hysterical watching a demand virus isolated to their imaginary specs and dismissing ATCC which is the world’s largest oldest and most important micro organism repository in the world.”
  3. The FOIA document requests are a “stunt designed to fail”
  4. “Virus not isolated”: the definition Kaufman, Cowan, etc. use is different than what scientists who publish papers on virus isolation use. This is why there is such disagreement on this question because different people interpret “has been isolated” differently.
  5. If you search for “Isolation of Wuhan Virus” you’ll find many papers in PubMed and NIH in many countries with details on how isolation was done (for example this one and this one). You can see a TEM picture here. Here are more references.
  6. ATCC 351 variant RNA for sale is not in culture.

Don Newmeyer points out: “People insisting that the virus hasn’t been isolated or that they’re computer generated are displaying their ignorance of modern biology. Virus isolation and genomic sequencing is just basic methodology nowadays.”

Collapsse Podcast wrote: “The debate over whether or not it’s been isolated is a distraction”

Matthew wrote: “I’m surprised you’re giving Doctor Weed the time of day. I gave up ages ago debating with these virus denying folk. No matter what evidence you provide them, they choose to dismiss it in favor of what a psychiatrist says who’s been caught lying and unable to provide a scientific rebuttal to the papers which prove it’s existence. Kaufman didn’t even understand how to read a reverse primer for a pcr test and was claiming they’re testing for human DNA.” He showed a clip where Kaufman admits, “I’ve never done virus research”

Given a live virus, you can use it to test the vaccine

You can test the vaccine easily as well. Give the vaccine to the animals, wait, then expose them to the virus. You can do biodistribution studies of the vaccine as well; you don’t even need the virus for those studies.

Someone asked:

The real question is … has it been isolated from a HUMAN subject w/o passing it through (say) Monkey Kidney Cells? Because there is plenty of evidence out there that says it hasn’t been isolated directly (no intermediaries) from a HUMAN subject.

I know that Sabine Hazan verified that the sequence of the virus obtained from ATCC matched exactly what she found in people who have the virus. Do these isolates have other stuff in them? How were they created? I don’t know because I haven’t analyzed them personally. But my scientist friends seem happy with them. At $2,000 a shot, I don’t think they’d market the product if it was contaminated and useless. Am I wrong?

So today we have the ability to do animal experiments to assess the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and boosters.

Why aren’t we doing animal experiments?

A critical thinker might then ask, so why aren’t we experimenting on animals instead of humans?

The answer is simple: because nobody wants to know the answer. The FDA doesn’t and neither do the drug companies. That’s why the FDA isn’t requiring the drug companies to do it. So it doesn’t get done.

In fact, the FDA is never going to require them to do this; the top management of the FDA knows it would kill the vaccine program if they did this. That’s why they don’t ask. Because they don’t want to know.

One commenter suggested that testing on animals is unethical; that we should test on politicians instead.

So it’s up to us if we want answers

Private individuals can fund the needed experiments and have them performed at one of the 10 BSL3 labs in the US.

The cost to do these experiments to show conclusively that the vaccines are both dangerous and ineffective is less than $10M.

I would fund this myself if I had a spare $10M sitting around, but I don’t.

And I haven’t found a philanthropist in the world who is interested, able, and willing to fund the research.

It seems nobody wants to know. All the philanthropists I know took the blue pill it seems, apparently even Elon Musk.

One other option…

If everyone who is reading this article right now subscribes to my newsletter, I’d have the funds to get this done. It’s a small price to pay to find out. It’s up to you. Do you want to know? It will cost you $5/month to find out. Is it worth it? We’ll find out.

Steve Kirsch writes about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. America is being misled by formerly

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