Do Not Use A Vaccine That Cannot Block Transmission

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“Never ever use a vaccine that cannot block transmission, when you are in the battlefield” (example: during a pandemic)

Summary from Geert Vanden Bossche

It’s a risk of inducing autoimmune responses, autoimmunity in children.

If you have a vaccine that can not prevent transmission you can not control this pandemic. The virus will escape. You can not win this.

Mass vaccination is generating a breeding ground for more infectious variants to replicate.

Scientifically there is no reason for vaccinating children as the risk benefit ratio is going in a completely different direction. There is only major concerns and major risks.

With the knowledge we have… how on earth can they think of doing such a thing? This is criminal !

When you get vaccinated there is no chance you can contribute to herd immunity.

Under no circumstance should you allow your child to be vaccinated.

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