The Average Vaccine Efficacy Against Death Once Hospitalised Since Omicron— NSW Australia — Range Jan 12-19, 2022

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The Average Vaccine Efficacy Against Death —Once Hospitalised— From 12 January to 19 January, 2022 was NEGATIVE at -69% in NSW Australia.

I had a small typo on one of the days… the number has been corrected and came down to NEGATIVE -69% from the original NEGATIVE -76%. I have also added direct links for each day so you can review the data and calculations.


Vaccine effectiveness against death —once hospitalised— simply looks at the latest known hospital occupancy of the vaxxed verses the unvaxxed and the deaths associated with the same cohort.

This calculation is measuring severe cases (hospitalised patients) and then comparing them against the final outcome and the number of deaths for each cohort. Vaccination rate of the population is irrelevant for this calculation as the method does NOT allow the vaccine to receive glory for vaxxing the young and healthy. This formula is a better measuring stick as it shows the true vaccine efficacy (protection) of the vulnerable.


Distortion and misrepresentations of the data could be a result of not splitting the deaths by age group and comorbidities. This is bad nevertheless because this data is not easily available this is what we have to work with. In any case there is clear evidence that Omicron has tilted the scales now in favour of the unvaccinated. I will categories deaths by age group in the future but for the moment these are the raw —real world— numbers.


On this website I have published individual posts for each day referenced with links to data sources and full transparency on how Vaccine Efficacy Against Death Once Hospitalised was calculated.

Daily Table:

There is an observable trend in the favour of the unvaccinated since Omicron however please not the data could be misleading as we have not been able to break it down further to age groups or comorbidities.

Average Vaccine Efficacy Against Death Once Hospitalised:

= -69%

The 8 day average is showing NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy against death once hospitalised with a clear trend downward.

Hospital Occupancy Date By Vaccien Status Was taken From Here


This is daily data so it will fluctuate greatly so I will do it for a few weeks and graph the result.

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