Horowitz: Whistleblowers Blows Vaccine Safety Debate Wide Open

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Data, transparency, and surveillance is what has been missing from the greatest experiment ever.

The pro-pharma sellouts claim “VAERS” is not enough to trigger investigations because anyone can supposedly submit a vaccine adverse event entry. The result is all the concerning safety signals from VAERS are being ignored.

However a military whistleblowers has come forward forward to present data that, if verified, would signal extremely disturbing safety concerns about the vaccine that appears to be worse than VAERS.

U.S. Army is showing 100% increase in cancer, heart, neurological problems and more, in 2021 compared to previous years. A clear signal of vaccine damage that could not be received so far for the following reasons:

  1. Integration of ~ one year instead of several weeks from the injection.
  2. Reference to tumors etc. By definition, a long follow-up time is required.
  3. Focusing on a young and healthy population (soldiers) that is characterized by a very low background, a fact that highlights the signal (e.g., the myocarditis signal in young people is first swallowed up in a background controlled by adults).

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