Today NSW Health Stopped Reporting Vaccine Status For People Over 65 — Saturday 12 Feb, 2022

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32 deaths reported but NSW Health stopped reporting the vaccine status for all COVID-19 deaths?

They have been reporting it since Jan 15, 2022 now it has stopped and was restricted to under 65?

Not reporting the vaccine status for people over 65 is far from transparent when you consider that 94% of the deaths for weeks now have been people over 60.

Today only 3 people were under 60 so 5 had to be between 60 and 65 while the remaining 24 was not disclosed. I will not be able to continue these updates without this information and I may need to file a freedom of information request or see what we can learn with thus limited information.

UPDATED on the 13th of February:

This is how avoiding this data has changed the dynamics between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated no longer show an advantage in hospitals.

What Is Happening In NSW Hospitals?

Data Source:

Hospital Occupancy Data By Vaccine Status Was taken From The COVID-19 Risk Management Dashboard


Please remember I currently do not have access to detail mortality data broken down by age and vaccine status so the signal reliability will be crude and perhaps should only be applied to get an indication how well the vaccine protect the vulnerable (elderly).

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