Ivermectin Is Not Now Nor Has It Ever Been Part Of Tokyo’s ‘Early Treatment’

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Ivermectin And The Mystery of Japan

How is it possible that with respect to the Delta wave, deaths from Covid in Tokyo are 5 times lower than those in the rest of the Japan?

The claim that Ivermectin Was Never An Early Treatment In Tokyo is False

Dr Haruo Ozaki chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association said on the 13th of August 2021 that the time for Ivermectin is now. Also below you can see an image of Tokyo protocol which mentions Ivermectin on the bottom line highlighted it in red.

“Emergency use of therapeutic agents (ivermectin etc)…”

The Tokyo Answer Was Early Treatment With Ivermectin

Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, held an emergency press conference on the 13th, saying that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has increased rapidly. I can’t say that. “

18,000 new infected people are reported daily, “it will be ranked high in the world” It is also true that the number of deaths is small. I would like to deal with it again with a sense of crisis. ” 

The average number of newly infected people in Tokyo for 7 days was 3934 per day as of the 11th, which is about twice that of 2 weeks ago. “It’s really normal people, and they’re getting more and more infected. It’s not the stage to think that it’s a disease only for those who go out to play at night,” he said. 

He said the medical field was full and appealed to the government, “I want you to show a clear exit strategy.” Based on the fact that the infection is spreading beyond the metropolitan areas, “The situation is that the whole country is suffering from disasters. No one will listen to me, so I will come up with a new policy. ” 

Regarding the antiparasitic drug “ivermectin”, it shows the number of infections and deaths of the new corona in a country that is prophylactically administered for another disease in Africa. It is necessary to thoroughly study the clinical trial, but it seems that we are at the stage where it is okay to have the patient give an informed outlet and get permission to use it. “



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