VIDEO: Russian Jets Over Kiev

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Russia launches ‘full-scale invasion’ on Ukraine multiple videos below

Explosions have been reported on Thursday in multiple cities in Ukraine and at least 40 people have been killed, according to an adviser of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The war is everywhere all across the Ukrainian territory. Many reports in the Donbas region of mass surrendering of Ukrainian military units.

Russian forces took control of Hostomel airport, 25 km from Kiev, through an airdrop, and entered the city of Sumy in the north of the country.

Military helicopters Mi-24 depart from the highway between Brahin & Hoiniki, 2 towns at the Belarus-Ukraine border region. The road was close so the helicopters could be put in the air.


Ukrainian military Cargo plane shot down

Russian helicopter shot down

A Russian helicopter that landed emergency landing after getting hit by a Stinger missile

Russian helicopter pilot parachutes.

So far the Russians are focusing on military targets alone. I guess, once the ground troops will take over the cities and villages, then the civilian population will be targeted.

Russian forces in Chernobyl

Ukrainian President Zelensky says Russian forces have entered Chernobyl and are attempting to capture the territory. Heavy exchange of fire “may cause nuclear waste to be disturbed.”

A Russian fighter jet was shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system in Kiev.

Kiev apartment complex hit by falling plane debris;  no news about casualties.

The Ukrainian capital is Putin’s target in the coming 48 hours. He wants to oust the current government. Sanctions won’t stop him from doing this one.

Ukraine’s President: At least 137 Ukrainians confirmed dead, more than 300 injured in Russian attacks.

Russian forces have encircled the Ukrainian city of Konotop, others are moving towards Kyiv, governor says.

Russian special forces are in Kiev already trying to kill Ukrainian government leadership.

In response to British sanctions – Russia will not allow British planes to fly over the country’s airspace.

Russian foreign minister Lavrov: “We are ready for talks immediately after the Ukrainian army stops fighting”

Russian special forces Armored vehicle smashes a car and its driver in Kiev. The driver survived.

A Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 shoots down a superior Russian Air Force Su-35 fighter.

Russian strikes.

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