The potential intersection of infections (Monkeypox virus, COVID-19 virus, Avian influenza virus, Swine flu) and the link to the mRNA COVID injections

Do not inject children with the COVID injections as this will damage and subvert their functional innate immune systems that protect them.

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Do not inject children with the COVID injections as this will damage and subvert their functional innate immune systems that protect them. The COVID injection’s vaccinal antibodies will prevent the training of the innate antibodies in children and this will leave children vulnerable to a broad range of pathogen, viral, bacterial, fungal even. Including expanding monkeypox and avian flu. We beg you as parents.

This stance by you as a parent or guardian is the most important gift in today’s world that you can give a healthy child. The FDA, CDC, NIH, the public health leaders such as Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Ashish Jha, Njoo, Tam etc. have been reckless and dangerous. Pharmaceutical CEOs Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) have been equally reckless. Not one of the persons named above or public health agencies, have shown us any data, none, to support injecting 6 month olds to 17 year olds with these ineffective and harmful injections. The data given by Bourla (Pfizer) and Bancel (Moderna) to FDA and then to CDC was outrageous, very flawed, very deceptive, very deficient methodologically, and could never be accepted or stand up to scientific scrutiny under normal circumstances for any sort of regulatory approval.

Parents must say “NO, under no condition will my healthy child get these gene injections. You FDA and CDC must put liability protection you enjoy on the table, make it so that if my child is harmed or dies I can sue you, then we will talk. You say the injection is safe and effective, then place liability protection on the table and remove it”!

The non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (Abs) induced by the COVID injections remains a key ingredient to this discussion in its role in pressuring the spike protein and driving infectious variant after infectious variant (selection pressure, natural selection of the ‘fittest’ most infectious variant that becomes the new dominant variant/clade).

What is happening as to COVID’s continued existence is not due to the virus alone in terms of properties intrinsic to the virus. It is the complex interplay of host immune system and virus, both entities, that virus-host ecosystem, that is determining what is happening with COVID. It is what the sub-optimal immune response pressure from the population (due to non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies) induced by mass vaccination, indeed non-neutralizing Abs that ‘cannot’ eliminate the virus, and the fact that there is such massive pressure from the circulating virus, that is determining the outcome. One has to stop one or change one or reduce one (either the immune pressure or the virus), for this pandemic to end. Either we stop the gene inoculations/injections, these failed ineffective non-sterilizing injections, or we remove virus via steps such as the use of antiviral chemoprophylaxis (reduces the pressure).

We are however talking now about a very intriguing, fascinating, and very dangerous phenomenon and interplay and we are linking these 3 viruses/diseases that could potentially expand and emerge and be devastating if we continue with these gene inoculations. The potential is there. If we inject our children, we can damage (subvert, outcompete) their potent functional innate immune systems (innate poly-specific Abs and natural killer cells (NK cells)) that are broadly protective against a range of pathogens, viruses etc. including cancers. The innate immune system is the 1st line of immune defense.

We position as always, the potent innate immune system of children that they come with, that is pre-primed, pre-activated, in the center of this immunological battlefield. There is a brief window of opportunity for the training (of innate immunity antibodies) to occur and if it is not, then the innate immunity will be subverted long term and young children will be vulnerable to a wide range of pathogen.

We argue that by damaging the innate immune system in children with the COVID gene injections, we will never ever get to population level herd immunity. In that, the COVID pandemic will potentially continue for 100 years with infectious variant after infectious variant.

We are saying that the non-neutralizing Abs induced by the mRNA COVID injections are the common denominator and driver of this potential intersecting 3 disease phenomenon. There are severe immune-epidemiologic consequences of the mass COVID vaccination program into a pandemic with injections that do not sterilize (eliminate) the virus such that the non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs enhances infectiousness of the virus (as it binds but does not neutralize the virus) and at the same time block the innate antibodies from exercising it’s functional capacity to bind to the virus (bind to the binding site with the relevant epitopes) and eliminate the virus. Sterilization of the virus means that the vaccinal Abs can stop infection, replication, and transmission, as well as severe disease and death. The mRNA induced vaccinal Abs does none of these!

‘The emergence of global starting epidemics of several varying infectious diseases (meningococcal, TB, HIV, dengue, hepatitis, herpetic diseases, etc.) including that of 2 major pandemics (even if not yet officially declared as pandemics), i.e., Monkeypox and Avian Flu, are indeed linked to the mass vaccination program.’ This is the core thesis with the non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs as a key ingredient.

The enhanced susceptibility of persons injected with the COVID gene injections to COVID virus (due to the induced vaccinal Abs that are infection-facilitating/enhancing) will work to tax and exhaust the innate and acquired-adaptive immune system. This would depress the population’s immune defense downward to a level where microorganisms can proliferate and expand within the population.

The argument is that we are faced with an imminent threat due to declining innate & acquired-adaptive immune systems as a result of the COVID injections/vaccines/inoculations. We/I have been in close discussion with the master virologist, immunologist, and vaccinologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (GVB).

I am going to try to explain what we are thinking NOW (even cursorily) and this is my view and understanding (subject to corrections/tweaking by GVB) given the new emerging data and evidence across the last few weeks. Particularly the threat of expansion into the general population of monkeypox virus, given the intransigence, politicization, and failures of the public health authorities to act and to tamp down the transmission in the high-risk men-who-have-sex-with-men sub-group. Moreover, given the immune compromised situation that COVID vaccinees find themselves in.

Let me begin and I owe deep thanks to GVB for his input in this and global lead.

  1. Mass COVID inoculations will potentially contribute to a significant increase in the occurrence of metastatic cancers, recurrence or resurgence of herpes-related diseases (e.g., HSV, CMV, EBV) as well as of HIV symptoms and chronic diseases caused by other glycosylated microbial pathogens (e.g., bacteria or fungi). This is because of subversion and damage of the natural innate and acquired-adaptive immune systems, particularly in young persons. This can become a catastrophic situation if our healthy infants and children are mass vaccinated.
  2. GVB (and I agree) also predicts a dramatic escalation in the incidence of autoimmune diseases as well as acute respiratory viral and bacterial diseases (e.g., common cold, seasonal Flu, RSV and other glycosylated pathogens causing acute disease). This is projected mostly in young, vaccinated children and older, vaccinated seniors.
  3. While the declines in the functional capacity of both the innate (i.e., antigen-nonspecific, low-affinity for the target antigen, and broadly potent) and adaptive (i.e., spike-specific, high-affinity for the target antigen) immune system (as outlined in 1 & 2 above) within the population is a result of the mass vaccination (using a sub-optimal non-neutralizing gene injection in the midst of a pandemic with high infectious pressure and mounting ‘immature’ and ‘undeveloped’ vaccinal antibodies with resulting selection pressure on the spike protein), there is an emerging potentially devastating threat from two additional infections/diseases.
  4. We theorize that besides the devastation by the COVID gene injections in causing infection (and disease and death) in the vaccinated person (and thus continuation of the COVID pandemic due to infectious variant after infectious variant emerging as a result of the sub-optimal vaccinal antibody immune pressure), there is a real potential for two new zoonotic pandemics (along with additional COVID pandemic (s)).

    To open the discussion fully, at a 50,000 foot level, the argument is that those who are COVID unvaccinated (have been through the pandemic with no COVID jabs and especially our children), are very much less vulnerable and susceptible to severe disease from AI and monkeypox. Similarly less susceptible to COVID infection and disease. GVB has argued (and I myself (and select others) have been arguing given study under GVB) that the children as an example, would be protected due to a level of ‘training’ of their potent innate immunity during the course of the pandemic (their innate Abs and natural killer (NK) cells). They are in effect, ‘COVID experienced’ though unvaccinated.

    Children, young persons, healthy people one could argue, once unvaccinated with the COVID injections, would have a sufficiently trained innate immune system (innate Abs and NK cells) that would protect them.
  5. Back to the two additional pandemics. These two additional pandemics are linked to the COVID injections and COVID disease. We have been in discussion with GVB on the potential for monkeypox and avian influenza (AI) to expand and we agree there is a valid risk potential. His thinking is phenomenal in this as it seeks to connect all the dots and seeks to warn the globe and those public health officials who would listen.

    WHO recently stopped short in declaring monkeypox a pandemic yet denotes it as an ‘evolving health threat’ (WHO stops short of declaring monkeypox a global emergency as cases surge). Cases are rising globally and this can be due to the reluctance of public health agencies and leaders in CDC etc. to control transmission (acute contact tracing and risk management and control messaging) as well as post COVID injection immune compromise.
  6. GVB advises that there is no doubt that officials will soon declare the current spread of AI a pandemic (currently, it is labelled as ‘pandemic threat’??).
  7. The reasoning is based on the massively COVID vaccinated population and the consequent extensively subverted and damaged innate immune system. We are theorizing that as the COVID pandemic will continue with more sub-variants due to the sub-optimal injections pressuring the spike, that the monkeypox and AI potential pandemics will mainly impact vaccinees. Similar to the COVID pandemic affecting mainly vaccinees.

    In the case of monkeypox, COVID vaccinees that have not been vaccinated against smallpox in the past (smallpox vaccination ended in around 1970s or so) will be especially vulnerable to contracting monkeypox disease. This cannot be discounted. This is due to their compromised immune system due to the COVID injection. At the same time, COVID vaccinees that have previously been vaccinated with inactivated seasonal Flu vaccines would be highly susceptible to suffering severe avian flu disease. Immune compromise due to the COVID injection, as well as original antigenic sin (OAS) and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) remain high risk realities.
  8. GVB argues that the monkeypox pandemic ‘will first affect younger age groups (about 55-60y) whereas the avian flu pandemic will first hit the older age groups (about 60-65y) to then primarily affect the remainder of the vaccinated population. The third pandemic has started too and will culminate when COVID virus breaks through the suboptimal immune pressure that is massively exerted on the virulence of the virus in many highly vaccinated populations. This will first entail a high COVID hospitalization rate in youngsters and adults to then lead to a high COVID mortality rate, particularly in young vaccinated children and elderly people’ (or people with co-morbidities).

    Again, the only remedy is to stop these sub-optimal non-neutralizing COVID injections as mass vaccination, and certainly not in children, as there is no credible evidence to support use or that shows COVID risk for severe illness or death in children.
  9. There is no doubt that vaccination of near zero risk young children for COVID with a non-sterilizing injection conferring no benefit yet subverts and damages their functional innate immune systems, will have devastating outcomes. This can be catastrophic and it is why children must not be injected with these COVID shots. We simply cannot take the chance especially since we did not conduct the proper safety studies and especially long-term studies to assess these risks. FDA did not mandate that the vaccine developers perform these studies and the vaccine developers simple did not.

    We argue that healthy children (if injected with the COVID injections) will be susceptible to all three pandemics (COVID, monkeypox, and AI) due to their heavily compromised innate immunity. The compromise of the innate immunity of children due to the COVID injection is the key driver and we write this again, imploring parents to ensure that they healthy near zero risk child is not a recipient of these COVID injections.
  10. The argument is that if children do get the COVID injections, then they can no longer be in receipt of any childhood nor smallpox vaccine. If the smallpox vaccine is live attenuated, then it could provoke severe disease given the compromised innate immunity in children post COVID injection. It is imperative that we stop and do not inject our healthy children with these ineffective and not properly safe COVID injections. It is also important to consider a debate on immunizing children (not injected with the COVID injection) with smallpox vaccine (if they did not get in the past).

    This no doubt will require high level debate with relevant experts and is not a conclusive suggestion here and it may well be that once you are sufficiently healthy with functional immune systems and intact innate immune system that is trained (innate Abs and NK cells), then even if you did not get the smallpox vaccine in the past, that you would be fine. There would be no need. The issue is that we are imploring public health to do it’s job to confine monkeypox etc. within the existing high-risk group and to eliminate it now before it expands to the general population. We are imploring parents to ensure their near zero-risk children do not get the COVID injections that would undermine functional innate immune systems.

    Raising the issue about the smallpox vaccine is because the smallpox vaccine yields very high protection against monkeypox virus. Again, this is a serious debate that must take place with high level experts in immunology, virology, and vaccinology (as well as informed clinicians) prior but it must be a serious consideration. Of note, any vaccine for monkeypox must eliminate (neutralize) the virus and not subject it to sub-optimal immune pressure as we see in COVID with the mRNA injections. This runs the risk of issues of increased expansion, increased enhancement or facilitation of infectiousness (susceptibility to) of the virus and potential antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI). GVB in prior exchanges warned that any such considerations must be based on live attenuated replication-competent vaccine, as this also facilitates training of innate immunity.

    We are arguing too to help explain the potency of the innate immunity in healthy children and innate immunity that is trained and NOT subjected to COVID injections. A functional well trained innate immune system in a child (non-COVID vaccinated) is well capable of taking smallpox vaccination as you and I did when we were children. Remember, we had no COVID injection back then damaging our innate immunity. That is the core argument here too.
  11. The unvaccinated (especially children and young people) will be very well protected against any of the emerging COVID virus variants due to their ‘well-trained’ innate immunity (having not been injected yet exposed or recovered with constantly boosted Abs). GVB also advises that this protection will be in place ‘because the evolving pathogenic behavior of the virus will essentially be facilitated by additional glycosylation (which is not seen as a ‘change’ by the innate immune system).’

    The innate immunity also functions as a first line of immune defense to Influenza and paramyxovirus, then we are arguing that the unvaccinated persons (children) will be less impacted by these pandemics (AI and monkeypox). Smallpox vaccination with replication-competent smallpox vaccine could be a consideration (see 10) above) and may be recommended for those who did not receive it in the past (e.g. persons 45 years old and below). Again see 10) above.

    This initial discussion ends by saying clearly, that the roots of this debate reside in the mass vaccination of the population with the COVID injections that are non-neutralizing and which do not prevent infection or transmission. We argue that it is highly likely that we will be faced with three major intersecting pandemics due to the mass vaccinations using COVID injections. It is a very vicious cycle where we vaccinate with the non-neutralizing COVID vaccines, this enhances infection in the vaccinated as well as additional infectious variants, then there is more vaccination, and all the while, the natural innate immune system (and natural acquired-adaptive immune system) is being compromised.

    I hope you understand the tremendous challenges and problems these failed ineffective and not properly safe COVID injections have presented humanity. It can create a stupefying disaster! It is the mass population vaccination using these non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccines and resulting Abs, that has driven the emergence of infectious variant one after the other e.g. Omicron, now sub-variants//clades BA.4 & BA.5 & BA.2.12.1. With more to come if we do not stop this failed COVID injection!


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