Death Rate^ By Vaccine Status Once Hospitalised In NSW Australia — Week 3 to 34, 2022

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NSW respiratory surveillance report analysis – COVID-19 Death Rate

Hospitalisation By Vaccine Status

The “Two doses” group had the lowest death rate at 12.2% which was closely followed by the “No dose + Unknown” group at 12.8% who are mostly unvaccinated. The “Two doses” group is probably the closest true value of the unvaccinated death rate that has not been contaminated since their doses have expired. The “Four or more doses”group and the “Three doses” group are almost twice and three times as bad respectively.


The death rate average for all vaccine doses is bunching up at 21% which has an approximately 87% higher death rate than the unvaccinated at 11%.

^ To be clear this table and graph shows the “Death Rate Percentage” for each vaccine status group not population. In other words the “Death Rate Percentage” or “Risk of Death” for each Vaccine Status Group once admitted to hospital. This calculation uses hospitalised patient data by vaccine status & compares it to final outcome (number of deaths for each vaccine cohort in hospital). This is superior to vaccination rate of population as it removes any confounders of jabbing the healthy, hospitalisation, etc. The vaccination rate of the population, is irrelevant for this calculation, as this method does NOT allow the vaccine to receive glory for vaccinating the healthy. This formula is a better measuring stick, as it shows the true vaccine efficacy & protection of the vulnerable, who often have comorbidities and are hospitalised. Hence I am comparing the “Death Rate” by vaccine status once admitted to hospital for each group. Death Rate was calculated from NSW Health Weekly Reports by dividing the number of deaths by the hospital population for each vaccine group. It is important to note that there is some noise due to people dying ‘with’ Covid as opposed to ‘from’ Covid and were not hospitalised as they may have died in an aged care facility which seems to impact the unvaccinated in a greater measure.

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