Medical Muzzle Bill AB2098 Will Punish Doctors In California

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AB2098 California Bill Will Punish Doctors For Trying To Save Their Patients Lives

AB2098 Bill sets California Medical Board as essentially a “ministry of truth” to propagate the false agenda and gag doctors on disclosing emerging data on treatments and vaccine safety and efficacy.

Californians should step up now since they are the ones to get hurt.

THE MEDICAL MUZZLE BILL is NOT about following scientific facts–it attacks critical thinking, healthy debate and transparency. The public has already lost trust in medical care. AB2098 turns doctoring and doing sound science into a dystopian nightmare.

Doctors are afraid to voice true opinions about medical care, lockdowns & mandates. They are shackled by self-censorship. Instead of true critical thinking and advocacy from their doctors, patients are getting “flight, freeze or fawn” mode (cuz most are afraid to fight).

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