The Dangers of Mass Vaccination During Pandemics – Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

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In this episode, Aga Wilson from NewsVoice talks to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. They discuss the evolution of the Covid-19 virus and the dangers when mass vaccinating a whole population. When the virus mutates the risks amongst the vaccinated are much higher.

Bossche received his Ph.D. degree in Virology from the University of Hohenheim Germany and has worked for several vaccine companies and initiatives with vaccine development, including GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.

Geert is now primarily serving as a Biotech/ Vaccine consultant after discovering the fraud behind the Covid19 vaccine rollout.

Dr. Vanden Bossche has become world famous for warning Humanity against the health danger of conducting mass vaccination programs during a pandemic.

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