Dr Joseph Ladapo on Why He’s Not Recommending mRNA COVID Vaccines for Healthy, Young Men—‘People Deserve Honesty’

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Florida surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo recently advised healthy men aged 18 to 39 not to get the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

An analysis by Florida’s Department of Health found sharp increases in cardiac-related deaths post-vaccination. In this episode, he explains in detail what he and his department found.

We also discuss his personal journey to where he is today, how he overcame trauma from sexual abuse as a child, and how he found the strength to go against the grain when it came to COVID-19 policy. His story is detailed in his new book, “Transcend Fear: A Blueprint for Mindful Leadership in Public Health.”

“People deserve honesty. They deserve transparency. They do not deserve to be treated as objects or means to an end that can just be manipulated or coerced,” Ladapo says.

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