Biological Warfare: Why Is mRNA So Critical And Why Are They Experimenting On Us? — Dr Robert Malone

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We live in a world where biological agents are a very potent weapon.

Why is mRNA so critical? Why put up with all the death & disability?

Well, you’re gonna have to understand our BIOWEAPONS PROGRAM to understand that.

The US government decided that by 2050 we’d have “countermeasures” for ALL the bioweapons developed in US since WW1.

Video 1:

Robert Malone doesn’t argue that there’s ‘depopulation’ scenarios, they’re just not the ONLY hypothesis, and he thinks the ‘threat mitigation’ hypothesis is stronger. In the video below he discusses “new military” strategy being ‘small strike force’-oriented…that’s important.

Video 2:

There are two countermeasures that will meet their need: monoclonal antibodies and genetic vx. they prefer monoclonals b/c those don’t alter the DNA of the strike force—but they’re ‘cludgey’ whereas mRNA vx can be printed immediately.

Biological weapons Platform

Video 3:

mRNA is a bioweapons PLATFORM —> they’ve talked about this for YEARS. it’s not been a secret.

Video 4:

What do you get for being guinea pigs in this experiment? You’re LAUGHED AT by a former president pushing more people into the test group. The risk/benefit ratio is weighted so we take the risk and DoD reaps the benefit.

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