Excess deaths in Canada And Australia

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Canada excess deaths…

The actual number of observed deaths is ‘at least’ the black dotted line.

Whenever the black line is above the blue line it is probable that there were excess deaths

Whenever the black line is above the red dotted line it is almost certain there are excess deaths.

So, it is likely there have been excess deaths every month since mid-March with especially large peaks in April-May and December.

Any number bigger than the red dotted line, then we expect something new is likely causing this especially high number of deaths.

Australia excess deaths…

January 2023

There were 14,547 deaths in January,

12.4% more than the baseline average

(but 10.5% less than January 2022)

COVID-19 caused 213 deaths in February, down from 731 in January

Jan to December 2022

In 2022, there were 190,394 deaths,

which is 25,235 (15.3%) more than the historical average

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