AMPS Investigates Alarming Trend: Two Jumbo Jet’s Worth of Excess Deaths in Australia Weekly Since 2021

The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) is the sole organization in Australia that has undertaken the crucial investigation into why the country’s excess deaths persist at a rate equivalent to approximately two jumbo jet crashes per week, consistently since early 2021. This translates to two jumbo jets’ worth of deceased Australians every week.

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The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS), is the only body in Australia that undertook the task to investigate why Australian Excess Deaths continue to equate to about two jumbo jet crashes each week, and every week, since early 2021. That is two jumbo jets of dead Australians a week.

AMPS took on this responsibility because the Australian Senate rejected a motion last year to conduct hearings on the surge in Excess Deaths. Once again this week, Labor and the Greens opposed an investigation into the ongoing excess mortality in Australia since early 2021. Our elected officials have, regrettably, chosen to disregard this crucial matter.


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