Eminent French Geneticist and Investigative Reporter Expose mRNA Vaccine Risks and WHO’s Pandemic Power Grab

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Eminent French Geneticist Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, and Top Investigative Reporter Corinne Lalo Expose the mRNA Vaccine Risks and WHO’s Controversial Pandemic Power Grab


“mRNA vaccines are GMOs. And European law was changed in 2020 to be able to allow the arrival of vaccines GMOs, which are mRNA vaccines. And what happened now? Recently, Kevin McKernan showed that in vaccines, there was not only mRNA, but there was also DNA. So normally, there should not be DNA in vaccines. But he showed that there had DNA, up to 30%, …. but the main problem with DNA is that it integrates into the nucleus. So that means that if we find DNA in vaccines,it will end up in genomes. including for future generations to come. This has been completely confirmed by many researchers. They all found the SV40. So why is there a cancer promoter in an mRNA vaccine ? For what ?”

“…Above all, this means that we must immediately withdraw this product. It has to stop right now!

If the doctors are not able to step up and say “we were lied to, we were made to inject a product that we were told was under control and that we knew well,” that’s false.

“We were lied to, we were told that the mRNA would degrade immediately,” that’s false. “We were lied to, we were told that the mRNA would stay in the muscle,” that’s false.

“We were told that we were going to inject only twice these doses”, that’s false.

We were told that they were safe and effective, they are neither safe nor effective.

“We were told phase 3 was complete,” that’s false.

Thus, these doctors have the right and the deontological obligation to say “we were lied to about these mRNA injections.”

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