Blasphemy Against The mRNA Platform Punishable With Up To 3 Years Imprisonment

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France: any criticism of mRNA platform punishable with up to 3 years imprisonment and 45,000 euros.

RELIGIOUS SCIENCE: France has now criminalized objections to the mRNA platform, exposing those targeted to ruinous fines and imprisonment. It’s obvious lunacy, and that it’s happening in a Western nation should alarm us all

This madness must be defeated, in France, at the WHO, everywhere it arises.

“Article 4 is central to the new law, which was first deleted but then reinstated. This creates a new criminal offense and criminalizes the “ request to stop or refrain from therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment” as well as “the request to use practices that are presented as therapeutic or prophylactic ”.

This means that any resistance to mRNA treatment (and other corporate medical methods) can be criminalized in the future.”

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