Dr John Campbell: UK Government Hides Excess Deaths

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The ONS has changed the way it counts people who died when they shouldn’t have. And made a pile of 40,000 bodies disappear.

What could be the possible reason for this change? Who is pushing this? Is it connected with Rishi Sunak’s adamant declaration that the vaccines are “unequivocally safe”?

Is the vaccine safe or unsafe? Despite Rishi Sunak’s adamant declaration in the UK Parliament that it is “unequivocally safe,” the reality of vaccine injury was starkly displayed on live television. How much longer can they mislead the public and suppress crucial information?

Massive APPARENT reduction in excess deaths in 2023 as UK ONS change how they calculate excess deaths in their reporting.

From 2016-2019 the ONS now estimate there were 110,000 fewer excess deaths than their previous estimates. e.g. 2019 went from an excess of nearly 3k to a deficit of 36k Does that not have some bearing on how deaths in 2020 should be interpreted?

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