Senator Rand Paul: Origins Of COVID-19

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Senator Rand Paul:

So one of the cool things I have discovered about Covid-19 is, they borrowed Oracle supercomputer, a scientist from Australia and the wanted to see which animal that virus would attach best to….it didn’t attach to any animals very well but it attached perfectly to humans.

This does not happen, it’s almost proof positive that this was manipulated in a lab. And what you do in a lab is you actually speed up evolution and you direct evolution, because you keep infecting mice that have human lung markers, so it thinks it’s infecting a human lung and you do it over and over again, you get the sickest mouse, one with the highest viral load you take that out and you infect the mice again. And each time you pass it through the virus you get the sickest and the most infected mouse and you do it again. You’re selecting for the worst, the most deadly, the most efficiently…

What really was sort of the smoking gun though is we discovered that the way the virus is genetically constructed is virtually identical to a research project from 2018 that had dr. Baric from UNC, dr. Shi from Wuhan and dr. Peter Daszak from New York.

They actually applied for money to create something that looks very suspiciously like Covid-19. They didn’t get the money for it, but almost everybody believes now that dr. Shi went ahead in China and did that project, created that virus, probably to create a vaccine, probably was an accident that had leaked out. But we have all of this evidence now and yet it’s been like pulling teeth to get a Democrat anywhere in congress to sign even a records release…

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