Georgia Election Board Stunned: 3,000 Ballots Scanned Twice in Fulton County 2020 Recount

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Georgia Election Board dumbfounded after finding out that 3,000 ballots were scanned twice in the 2020 election recount in Fulton County.

The board also revealed that 380,761 ballot images from machine count were “not available.”

Q: Does Fulton County know why there are not 380,761 ballot images from election day?

A: As with the investigators we have not been apprised of this allegation. This is the first I’m hearing about it.

General counsel for the secretary of state’s office Charlene McGowan confirmed that Fulton County broke the law in their recount.

“Fulton County used improper procedures during the recount of the presidential contest in 2020.”

Despite this, the board refused to approve further investigation.

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