Dr Geert Vanden Bossche: Bird Flu – a Distraction from COVID?

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Geert Vanden Bossche challenges leading Public Health experts and the WHO to acknowledge the error of mass Covid vaccination predisposing their populations to other viral infections.

“I continue to reiterate that society in highly C-19 vaccinated countries will be caught off guard, and that the immunological naivety of the public/ global health community and scientific-medical community will only exacerbate this effect.”

Geert’s Position:

You can not stop the pandemic without herd immunity.

This means that you have to be able to decrease the level of circulating virus down to a level that it prevents transmission of the virus so the question then is are we still seeing transmission.

So if we don’t have herd immunity and we don’t stop the transmission we are putting the virus under pressure because of the immunisation of the people which is suboptimal then ofcourse you have immune escape and the immune escape continues.

Coronaviruses are known to cause acute self limiting infections so that means you get infected and after a while and even today the Sars-CoV-2 patients have the course of the infection which is prolonged and in most of the people the virus is still eliminated. It is a self limiting infection. This is important because we know that viruses that cause self limiting infections in order to be able to sustain their survival they need to be able to transmit to other individuals because in the individual himself it is going to come to an end. It is not like a chronic infection so they need to transmit in limited time to new individual the virus can continue to replicate, enhancem continue to produce mutants. So as long as you see mutants, new variants are emerging, you must conclude that there is viral replication and therefor there is viral transmission because otheriwse if this transmission would have come to an end the transmission would be so low that the virus would barely replicate. You would no longer see a sequence of new mutants that are more and more resistant to the kind of pressure that the population is exerting (vaccination) and is even becoming more and more transmissible these days. The pandemic is not under control.

The old antibodies derived from the vaccines are no longer neutralising the virus whatsoever against the new variants such as the KP2 and KP3 and it was all for nothing as they have no protection against the new variants.

The authorities lie and say even if this is the case the unvaccinated are not protected against KP3 either and completely neglect the field of innate immune response and the whole science of the last 20 years of epigenetics and how adaptation to the environment can lead to reprogramming of innate immune cells so they can take over the task where the adaptive immunity is failing. So the authorities try to make up all kind of stories but nature will tell the truth.

What does geert think will it look like?

We will see a spectacular transformation of the landscape similar to Omicron where over night 30 mutations in spike protein were selected after being under pressure of the vaccine antibodies but this time the virus to survive will overcome the protection against severe disease. The losses will be enormous!

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