What Is Geert Vanden Bossche Position Today On His Apocalyptic Prediction For The Vaccinated

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Geert’s Position (from the 34th minute):

You cannot stop the pandemic without achieving herd immunity. Herd immunity requires reducing the circulating virus to a level that prevents its transmission. The question is, are we still seeing transmission?

If we don’t achieve herd immunity and don’t stop the transmission, we put the virus under pressure due to suboptimal immunization, leading to immune escape. Coronaviruses cause acute self-limiting infections, meaning the virus eventually gets eliminated in most people. For the virus to sustain its survival, it needs to transmit to other individuals before it is cleared from the current host.

As long as new variants and mutants continue to emerge, it indicates ongoing viral replication and transmission. If transmission were to stop, the virus would barely replicate, and we would no longer see new, more transmissible and resistant mutants. The pandemic is not under control.

The old antibodies derived from the vaccines no longer neutralize new variants like KP2 and KP3, rendering them ineffective against the current strains. Authorities claim that the unvaccinated are also not protected against KP3, neglecting the role of innate immune response and the science of epigenetics, which shows how innate immune cells can adapt and compensate where adaptive immunity fails. Authorities create narratives, but nature will reveal the truth.

Geert predicts a significant transformation of the viral landscape, similar to the emergence of Omicron, where 30 mutations in the spike protein were selected under vaccine-induced pressure. This time, the virus might overcome protection against severe disease, leading to enormous losses.

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