Covid-19 Death Rate By Vaccine Status Once Hospitalised In NSW Australia — Week 29

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Week 29 Ending 23 July 2022 | Published 28 July 2022

The Unvaccinated are outperforming all vaccinated groups once hospitalised. The death rate average for all vaccine doses is bunching up at 15% while it is 7.8% for the unvaccinated.

DATA Provided By NSW Health

It is now clear that people under 50 had no need for these emergency approved vaccines.

Week 29 Death Rate Calculation

The “One dose” group had the highest death rate at 29.4% followed by the “Four or more doses” group at 19.3%.

The “No dose + Unknown” group had the lowest death rate once hospitalised at 7.6% followed by the “Two doses” group at 12.6%.

The bad performance of the vaccine needs explaining but NSW Health appears to withhold enough data so that the public is unable to do a direct comparison without making assumptions.

To give them the benefit of the doubt let’s assume that all the under 20’s were put in the unknown group so let’s remove them from the “Unknown” group to make the “Unknown + No Dose” group have a worse death rate.

Removing all under 20 to help improve the bad data given by NSW Health.

So if we remove all the under 20 hospitalisations (89 total) from the “No dose + Unknown” group the “Unknown + No Dose” group still have the lowest death rate at 11.8% which is marginally better than the “Two doses” group who are now technically classified as unvaccinated yet are performing marginally worse than the true unvaccinated.

Week 3 to 29 2022

Approximately 20% in Hospital Are Unvaccinated and 16.3% Of Them are People Under The Age Of 30 Who Are More Likely Hospitalised With Covid And Not For Covid

The unknown classification in the Weekly Report hides hospitalisation numbers of the unvaccinated but according to the Risk Monitoring Dashboard (shown above) we know that 20% in hospital are unvaccinated however when we return to the Weekly report we know that 16.3% in hospital are people under 30 with zero deaths and since their risk in that age cohort is thousand times less the majority of them in hospital tested positive for Covid-19 in hospital with a PCR test but are unlikely to be in hospital for Covid-19.

It is a sin against the Australian people for the government to withhold data so that the public is unable to do an exact comparison.

Insufficient Data For Informed Consent For The Never Ending Booster Program

NSW Health Must Provide Better Data For Informed Consent If They Want To Continue To Inject The Public With These Experimental Vaccines

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