AUDIO SUMMARY: Clarification by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche on the Predicted “Tsunami of Death” As A Direct Consequence Of The Mass Vaccination Campaign

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Virologist predicts imminent “tsunami of death” among the COVID vaccinated.

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche explains why he originally got the timing wrong!

In fact, what is important to understand is that the detrimental course of this pandemic has, in fact, after the mass vaccination, after the mass vaccination has been caused by Omicron, by the vaccine breakthrough infections.

So when, uh, the virus breaks through the immune defence, you have to compare this, like with an enemy that breaks through the immune defence of a country. Right. It’s going to overwhelm, uh, that country. And, um, so that is what we have seen, that, uh, Omicron is causing vaccine breakthrough infections. And, um, what you have same with the military when the key, uh, forces, uh, you know, can no longer resist when, uh, the crucial fire lines are defeated, then you call up the reservists, right?

Uh, those guys, of course, are, uh, not as well trained, and, uh, their defence is suboptimal. That is exactly what we have seen with the immune system after, you know, the neutralising after the virus started developing, uh, resistance to the key forces and the neutralising antibodies, etc.. We know all this, uh, we found out that Omicron that caused the vaccine breakthrough infections was all of a sudden largely resistant to the neutralising antibodies. And then we have seen that a new kind of immune response was, uh, developing. Uh, these were the, uh, what I call the reservists that are called up.

Uh, we call this in immunology, immune refocusing, refocus to another type of immune response, which however which however is suboptimal. And that’s my point. This suboptimal immune responses have ultimately led to the immune escape because it’s easier for the enemy, of course, to overcome an immune defence if the immune defence is weak. If the immune defence is suboptimal. But not only that, the suboptimal immune responses have also led to immune pathology. So very easy.

People should bear in mind that the immune defence against a virus like SARS-CoV-2 should do two things. Either it should simply kick out the virus by neutralising it, or when the virus has already infected the cells, it should kick out the infected cells. Now the first is taken care of by neutralising antibodies and the second is taken care of of what we call cytolytic T cells, T cells that have the capacity to kill. Now, when you overcome those forces and you call up the reservists with suboptimal immune defences, well, your antibodies are going to be suboptimal. These suboptimal antibodies have differentiated into well for the experts right. The IgG for antibodies that have caused immune pathology. And then after that we have seen when also the cytotoxic T cell defence has been overcome by the virus that we have developed, saying that people developed suboptimal T cell responses that are normally the cause of long Covid of immune pathology.

So what we are seeing is that the virus has evolved or the pandemic from an acute phase, as the W.H.O. is saying, we are over the acute phase of the pandemic. But they didn’t tell you that the pandemic is now evolving to a chronic phase. And this chronic phase, the suboptimal immune forces that are now playing are not only because those things go hand in hand promoting immune escape, but also in tandem promoting immune pathology. And that is exactly what we are seeing.

And of course, the virus continues, is continuing to evolve and will ultimately, there is no doubt, immunologically speaking, there is no doubt about this will overcome this very last resistance by the suboptimal forces. When that happens, of course, when the last hurdle of resistance is gone is breached, then of course there is no immune resistance whatsoever left in the vaccinated population. There is immune defence left, of course, in the unvaccinated population, because those guys have, during this whole trajectory, have been able to train. Their cell mediated innate immunity. That has not happened with the vaccines. I’ve explained this multiple times in several different interviews and in several different, um, uh, articles. There is a misunderstanding. People are often talking about exhaustion, etc. the right word to use here is immune dysregulation. Because remember, we still have continuously reinfections re-exposure by a virus that is now incredibly infectious, much more, much more infectious than the original Omicron variants that were already way more infectious than the previous variants. So their immune system is still to some extent able to contain the virus. Right.

And remember, they are still to some extent protected against severe disease. So what is happening is really dysregulation. And is it the virus or the vaccine. To your question. No, it the reason for this or the vaccine breakthrough infections, hence the virus, but only in vaccinated people. So it is in fact the vaccination that had has led to the generation of Omicron. Omicron has led to the vaccine breakthrough infections. This vaccine breakthrough infections, as I just explained, have led to suboptimal immunity that, on one hand side, has led to an imperfect control of the viral replication and has secondarily LED and is still leading to immune pathology, including cancer. So it is this complex interplay of repetitive virus breakthrough infections in highly vaccinated people that is responsive.

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