The Debate: Snooker Sighting, Aiming And Eye Patterns (3 Videos)

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Video 1: White Ball And Object Ball

What can cause you far greater problems is —not what you are looking at— rather what you are not seeing because sometimes when you play a shot you may not be looking at anything at all.

It is important for your eyes not to move during your shot except maybe between the cue ball and object ball. It is important for you to be consistent in your eye patterns.

Looking around anxiously in a random fashion can cause you to miss.

Don’t look towards the pocket before you strike the cue ball or even immediately after. Stay on the line of aim somewhere between the cue ball and object ball.

Video 2: Are You A Cue Ball Or An Object Ball Player?

An object ball player sets his eyes on the object ball player will throughout the shot while and object ball player is more dynamic with his eyes looking through the whole shots.

Cue Ball Players: Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins, Stephen Hendry

VIDEO 3: The Never Ending Debate

If you change focus from the object ball, to the cue ball back, to the object ball please incorporate this into the pause of your backswing. Try and focus on one thing during the final forward delivery of the shot and that part is more commonly the object ball.

Most professional players will flick their eyes from the cue ball to the object ball in the final delivery.

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