Record Ratio Of Breakthrough Infections In Israel

A record ratio of breakthrough infections in boosters in Israel. Omicron is boss in Israel at the moment.

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The boosted are not protected from infection in Israel as initially promised. 

They are winging it. They really do not know what they are doing. We are fortunate that currently Omicron appears to be mild and does not cause severe illness in the healthy.

Blue: boosted. Red: unvaxxed. Y-axis: total weekly cases 40+.

Caveats: unadjusted to imported cases which are mainly boosted.

So Omicron can breaking through all prior forms of immunity both natural and vaccinated. MILD and BRIEF syndrome. Pulmonary involvement is rare but when it occurs is easily treated. Expected risk of hospitalization and death is very low.

In South Africa 98.7% of those who were previously infected did not catch Omicron at all.

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