Are We Going To Reach Herd Immunity After The Omicron Wave?

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Here is a list of arguments that support or argue against this complex notion.

Against (no her immunity)

They are still intent on vaccinating people. Vaccination of whole populations with a vaccine that can not induce sterilizing immunity (can not stop the spread of the virus). This increases high immune pressure and can only drive and promotes immune escape.

If you vaccinate a large population you will also take away the opportunity for many to develop herd immunity since the vaccines do not generate herd immunity but contrary they are a breeding ground of new more infectious variants.

Studies have shown that the virus has now natural reservoirs in wild animals, meaning that it can keep mutating even if herd immunity is achieved for a particular variant and this can continue for some time.

Not enough people will contract the virus and it will reappear each season.

If they bring out a new vaccine for a new variant the merry-go-round circle will begin again and the highly mutating virus will be forced to change and even become more infectious.

Support (herd immunity)

Our politicians and main stream media said so.

Sydney Morning Herald published an article saying the Pandemic will end in 2022.

What is more important for 2022?

How about dismantling the global technocratic biosecurity surveillance regime?

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