VIDEO: Dr Peter McCullough Answers The Question On FDA Approval Of The Vaccines

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FDA Approval Never Happened For The Vaccines? Peter McCullough

On August 23rd Pfizer met in a close meeting with the FDA there was no advisory panel no external experts there to watch or take minutes or present but what came out of that meeting was a continuation of the emergency use authorization to Pfizer.

So Pfizer was not approved by the FDA but there was a biological licensing agreement assigned to BioNTech, a German partner, for their vaccine but the application must have a commitment to post-marketing studies. Many post-marketing studies about myocardial injuries after the vaccines, heart injury myocarditis etc.

It must have special language about safety and pregnancy so if BioNTech wants to move forward with a product, if the German company wants to enter the US market, they have to do all that. BioeNtech would have to commit to write a package insert and then BioeNtech would have to produce a product and distribute this in the United States. That hasn’t happened so Pfizer is still under the emergency use authorization.

Americans know Pfizer is not approved because the consent form did not change and insurance companies don’t have to approve it. Insurance companies are not paying for it. It’s still the same old Pfizer and the consent forms simply say that we don’t know if this is going to work and we don’t know if it’s safe. The consent forms are asking Americans to participate in research and that’s what the emergency use authorization is.

So there was a false talking point that came out of the August 23rd meeting and went all the way up to the President of the United States who said Pfizer was approved when it was not and you know there was a problem when within seven days of Dr Gruber who signed the letter for BioeNtech the high ranking vaccine, regulatory official resigned.

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