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Is it any wonder the UK government is dumping their covid-19 restrictions?

The vaccination rollout has proven to be a complete and utter disaster. But also, and more importantly, it has resulted in thousands of people dying and suffering serious, lifelong disabilities from receiving the experimental Gene treatment. The latest official UK government’s Health Security Agencies, Vaccination Surveillance Reports, clearly showed that the covid-19 vaccines are not working and are actually making the situation far worse. As we have done in previous presentations, we display the computations of the official data in several charts broken into age and groups of interest. A quick reminder, a green column is positive efficacy, meaning vaccinated people are less likely to become a covid case. A red column is negative efficacy, meaning vaccinated people are more likely to become a covid case. Usually a vaccine company needs to show at least 50% positive efficacy to become an authorized treatment. We will start with week 42 of 2021 through to week 5, 2022. As the week’s progress it becomes more and more obvious that the resulting official data is very unflattering for those pushing these experimental vaccines.

You will have noticed in the last three charts weeks 3 to 5, the injection protocol changes from two jabs to two jabs plus a booster, three jabs in total. Did the efficacy improve? Did the efficacy get even close to the vaccine companies claimed efficacy? With the three Jabs being reported for the first time in week 3, we see a slight improvement with overall efficacy. The chart in fact, resembles week 42, 2021. Except the positive efficacy, the 18 to 29-year olds enjoyed back then, was not duplicated in week 3 and was much lower. And sadly, this improvement was short-lived because in the following reporting period, week 4, the 18 to 29 year olds immediately slipped back into negative efficacy territory. While the red negative efficacy columns are not as deep as week 2, there is still no joy, because the efficacy trends have consistently declined over time and there’s no evidence to suggest this downward fall will not continue. Week 5 supports this notion with three doses of the covid vaccines the efficacy does not change. In fact, it’s looking worse.

One must take seriously the suggestion by medical experts that the immune systems of those injected with the MRNA vaccines have indeed been damaged and has severely compromised. This data must serve as a warning to other countries around the world, particularly those governments who continue to hold on to the mistaken idea that vaccines will save them from covid-19. They will not. And countries like Australia and Canada who continue to ramp up their mandated vaccination policies, these policies will not prevent covid-19 infecting the population. The policies will only serve to unfairly and unlawfully discriminate against a certain section of society. As we have seen with the emergence of Omicron, the symptoms are milder than the earlier Delta variant and hospitalization rates are in check. Governments are now struggling to justify imposing curbs on people and businesses.

When will the politicians in these countries realize that draconian rules are not an answer?

Much of Europe is moving fast to exit the emergency coronavirus measures that have disrupted all aspects of life for the past two years. A recognition that the measures have been largely futile against the Omicron variant. Countries like Sweden. Switzerland. Norway. Finland. And Denmark. Have already started to dismantle all covid restrictions, including the completely unwarranted and unnecessary vaccine passports. From the very beginning of covid-19 Across the Western world: political leaders have failed; health officials have failed; journalists have failed; academics and scientists have failed; judges have failed. We the people must exert our will and free ourselves from the destructive overreach of politicians and out-of-control bureaucrats. The only way to stop this medical tyranny is for us all to stand up and speak up. Just tell them, NO!

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