Dr. Joan-Ramon Laporte Roselló Destroys The Vaccines In The Spanish Congress

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There is no data to conclude that vaccines save lives against Omicron

Please turn subtitles on with automatic translation. The above video is the first part of his speech. But it is also highly recommended to listen to his answers, from minute 45 onwards in this full video.

These are not the words of an anti-vaccine, but of a serious scientist, a specialist in the field

Dr. Joan-Ramon Laporte Roselló, one of Spain’s eminent experts in pharmacovigilance, appeared on 7 Feb in the Spanish Congress, in the Commission on vaccines. Providing very concrete scientific information, in summary he said the following:

(1) Vaccines are not true vaccines, they are only pharmacological treatments and are an unprecedented global pharmaceutical experiment.

(2) There is no data to conclude that vaccines save lives against Omicron.

(3) Vaccines have some serious adverse effects that have been and continue to be hidden.

(4) Pharma companies committed fraud in clinical trials. The clinical trials conducted by the pharmaceutical companies prior to commercial launch did not prove that the vaccines saved lives.

(5) Covid passports are useless because the vaccines do not prevent transmission at all. The passports have probably helped to increase transmission.

(6) A large number of drugs that are (and were before the pandemic) massively prescribed without justification for the elderly, increase the risk of pneumonia up to 5 times, which probably increased the vulnerability of the elderly when the pandemic hit.

(7) Spain is one of the most permissive countries in terms of conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical companies and the health system, medical professionals and medical associations.

(8) There is nothing to indicate that vaccines help save lives against Omicron. Third and fourth doses are not justified. Clearly are not justified for children and youth.

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