Whistleblower Says Vaccine Injury Cases Are Being Removed From The U.S. Military Database

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Someone is DELETING vaxx injury cases from the U.S. Military Database.

In August 2021 in the Department of Defence website, there were 1239 cases of COVID vaccine-induced myocarditis (heart inflammation).

That number has been reduced to only 307 cases. (What happened to the other 932 cases?)

In January 2022 there were 176 cases of myocarditis, but the number has been reduced to 17. (What happened to the other 159 cases?)

In the previous 5 years prior to the COVID vaccine, there were 1.7 million cases of acute illness — or 0.34 million cases per year.

In the first 10 months of 2021 after they started giving COVID vaccine to the military, there have been nearly 22 million cases of acute illness — 65 times as many as previous years.

Only 12 people in the U.S. military died from COVID-19. It appears that the military is doctoring the data / deleting cases in the database.

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