Pierre Kory, MD MPA Calling Out High-Impact Medical Journals Censoring Ivermectin Studies

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Dr. Pierre Kory: High-Impact Journals Censoring Ivermectin Studies

Every single false scientific narrative of the pandemic (and they have all been false unfortunately) was founded upon the actions of the high-impact medical journal “Editorial Mafia.”

The influence of big pharma and “vaccine philanthropists” such as Bill Gates spans the highest levels of government, healthcare and regulatory agencies, and the media. Most disturbingly, they were able to capture the high-impact medical journals that produce “the science,” that, in turn, makes media headlines and that serves as the basis for high-level decision-making, says Dr. Pierre Kory.

In this interview with The New American, the famed pioneer of Covid early treatment protocols details how influential medical journals suppressed favorable information on repurposed drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Unprecedentedly, starting as far back as May of 2020, they’ve been rejecting all positive trials of the repurposed drugs, with no explanation provided. In addition to that, several positive studies were retracted from lesser journals after they passed peer-review and/or were already published.

“We need a parallel system of journals which have zero influence from Pharma,” believes Dr. Kory.

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