Covid-19 Response May Be The Biggest Scandal In Living Memory, Says Fr Calvin Robinson

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Common Sense Crusade Mortality Of Lockdowns

The vaccine stopping transmission was a lie that the government used to pushed terrible policies.

If her claim was true the pandemic would have been over in highly vaccinated countries but this not so and the worst is yet to come for the vaccinated if they continue of the trajectory.

On August 21, on an interview to cbs news, Sharon Elroy-Price was asked if the vaccinated are spreading the virus:

“Are you seeing the same thing that seemed to concern officials here in the United States about those who are vaccinated being capable of spreading?”

Let’s Look Back At The Lockdown Segregation Cult

Covid-19 bivalent booster recommendations:

WHO: >60 year olds

🇳🇴: NORWAY >65

🇩🇰: DENMARK >50

Now 🇩🇰 Denmark debate regarding the scientific basis of recommending healthy 50-65 year olds booster💉, especially convalescent individuals. Why different policy from flu 💉? I agree that the case is WEAK but the US continues to push it on 5 and up.

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