Take This IMMEDIATELY after a Stroke

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What to do if you have a stroke and the best nutrient to support stroke recovery.

Mini-strokes have symptoms that aren’t permanent. But severe strokes can leave permanent damage. If you have a mini-stroke, the odds of you having a severe stroke are pretty high.

Warning signs of a stroke:
• Loss of balance
• Blurry vision
• One side of the face starting to droop
• Arm or leg weakness
• Speech difficulty

If you experience these symptoms of a stroke, it’s crucial to call an ambulance as soon as possible. There is a certain medication that can help you if you can get it fast enough.

There is also a type of vitamin E called alpha-tocotrienol that may be beneficial. All it takes is a very small amount of this nutrient to help prevent glutamate-induced brain cell death. If you start noticing stroke symptoms, you may also want to take alpha-tocotrienol as quickly as possible or use it during your stroke recovery.

Tocotrienols may help prevent a stroke, help prevent damage during a stroke, and support recovery after a stroke.

Tocotrienols are also very powerful for many other health conditions. Vitamin E, in general, is necessary to allow omega-3 fats to work in the brain. One of the top causes of vitamin E deficiency is a diet high in refined grains. Or, you might not be consuming enough vitamin E. But keep in mind that it isn’t easy to get vitamin E from food.

Natural ways to help prevent a stroke:
• Consume garlic
• Get on the ketogenic diet
• Avoid consuming sugar
• Take omega-3 fatty acids and avoid omega-6 fatty acids
• Exercise regularly

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