JAPAN: Unprecedented Side Effects

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Press Conference from Japan’s “Vaccine Issues Study Group”, January 11, 2024.


Professor Emeritus Masanori Fukushima from Kyoto University:

A systematic review of the literature has revealed some surprising facts. Thousands of papers have reported side effects after vaccination, which affect every organ without exception. Ranging from ophthalmology to general medicine to psychiatry.

These documents have been preliminarily investigated by a group of volunteer physicians. They have looked into how many cases have been reported by Japanese academic societies. This kind of reporting on drug side effects or the like is unprecedented.

For example, the age-adjusted mortality rate for leukemia has increased. And there are significant findings for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and so on.
We will share the relevant information with everyone as we advise and request the government on how to proceed.

Regarding medical censorship with the vaccines:

Japanese doctors are trying hard, but they face various obstructions. There’s this negative sentiment of ‘Why report something like vaccine damage?’ There are interferences. Such actions themselves hinder academic freedom, and in some academic departments, censorship is taking place.
Such as in conference presentations and paper publications. This is happening globally.
Some journals are effectively practicing censorship.

Regarding Brain related adverse events:

mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, depression, mania, anxiety…etc
About the spike protein sequence, within the genes, you know, he(Luc Montagnier) was warning that if there’s a prion-like sequence, it could be very dangerous.
Many scientists were warning. I too said it could be hazardous because of the possibility of prions. I discussed it with prion experts.

Professor Yasufumi Murakami from Tokyo University of Science:

Regarding adverse effects of the vaccines: One thing I want to say initially is that it is clear how the adverse effects occur, which is still holding many victims today. I believe it should be stopped immediately.
The mechanism by which adverse effects occur is well understood; the spike is toxic. It’s very clear what happens when you administer a toxic gene to a human.
Another point is that the Lipidnanoparticles also induce very intense reactions, so this is also toxic.
The major problem is, we are injecting two toxic substances into people, one of which being that human cells are producing spike proteins. Since the immune system will attack this, this causes very violent genetics reactions to emerge.
There are cases that occur within one or two weeks after injection, but there are also many cases that appear after one or two years.

Regarding IgG4 antibody:

Usually with vaccines, if an IgG4 antibody is induced, it is considered a failure, however, with the current messenger-type vaccines, a significant amount of IgG4 is being induced. When this happens, it plays tricks on various immune functions. Therefore, we want to thoroughly investigate what ratio of Japanese people are inducing this, and we aim to carefully examine what level of IgG4 that reacts with the spike protein is present in each individual.

Regarding failed vaccines:

Vaccines that have failed are still being administered, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recognizes these failed vaccines. So I would like them to stop immediately, and even though I speak out in various places, they don’t stop at all, so we will clearly present evidence and publish it as articles one by one.

Professor Masayasu Inoue who is Emeritus Professor at Osaka City University School of Medicine:
So, we are working with Dr. Fukushima to create this database, and so far, about 201 types of diseases and 3,071 papers on side effects have been reported. It is unprecedented in human history for a single vaccine to have this much literature out on it.
With this, we plan to present it to the nation and the Japanese government in the form of solid science that no one can dispute.
…you will find diseases of the heart, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, liver, skin, eyes, blood, nerves, systemic diseases, brain, lungs, diseases across all medical fields have been reported, and as Professor Fukushima stated,
The characteristic of the side effects of this vaccine is

As for the data, when diseases such as those of the heart, kidney, endocrine, and liver are taken simultaneously with the range in which they occur, it turns out that a tremendous number of papers are reported over many pages.

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