Informed Consent: Fauci Speaks On Safety And Acknowledges The Risks

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Fauci Speaks On Safety And Acknowledges The Risk: That There Are Diseases For Which You Vaccinate And You Actually Make Things Worse Through Enhancement.

Were You Told This Before Vaccination?

Few very interesting comments from the Standing Committee on Health, Aged care and Sport’s inquiry (2023) into long-COVID and repeated COVID infections in #Australia

The National Clinical Evidence Taskforce (Monash University):

Long COVID follows a SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infections (based on available evidence) appears to be cumulative… – i.e. the health prognosis becomes poorer with each additional infection. Thus, aiming towards limiting the number of SARS-CoV-2 infections is a logical way to minimise the potential (and somewhat unknown – at this stage) impact of long COVID and repeated SARS-CoV2 infections.

Moderna Australia:

Moderna Australia recommended continued investment in vaccination research, as ‘Retrospective and prospective surveillance of Long COVID and Repeated Infections in fully and partially vaccinated individuals is required to determine impact of vaccination on the incidence of Long COVID and Repeated Infections as well as the outcomes of these events.

Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute:
The model estimated that with a vaccine-only policy and no other efforts to mitigate transmission, almost all Australians will be infected at least once in the time window from January 2021 to August 2023. The total people with long-COVID by December 2023 is 1,323,482, with 43,910 of these being children 0.4 [sic] [0-4] years of age.

Professor Kerryn Phelps AM:

Within this group of vaccine injured individuals, there is a diminishing cohort of people who have symptoms following immunisation, many of which are similar to Long COVID (such as fatigue and brain fog), but who have not had a COVID infection. These people would be an important subset or control group for studies looking into the pathophysiology, causes of and treatments for Long COVID. It is possible that there is at least some shared pathophysiology between vaccine injury and Long COVID, possibly due to the effects of spike protein.

Those who wish to read the report in full:

Of course, the product cannot be questioned.

I will let Dr Science explain the risk and what is going on here.

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