It Looks Like The Israeli Public Is Pushing Back

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It looks like the Israeli public is no longer blindly obedient and could now be the majority.

Efrat is updating about: new numbers from the Israeli MoH, tightening the restrictions on the unvaxxed, kids’ vaxx campaign, police state, covid status, adverse reactions, and a message of encouragement.

  • 33% of the Israeli population is currently not vaccinated.
  • 45% of the Israeli population holds a valid green pass (minority).
  •  Israel admits masks are for education purposes as there is no evidence of masks producing results.
  • Israeli Prime Minister is threatening the Israeli citizens that PCR tests will be withdrawn and unless you are vaccinated you will no longer be able to go to places where vaccination or a negative test is required.
  • The government is also giving out new threats for the unvaccinated. They want to join the German Austria position against the unvaccianted.
  • Kids vaccination campaign has failed. Only 10% of kids 5 to 11 years old got vaccinated so they blamed the fake news of the unvaccinated.
  • The government gave out another threat of a bracelet for the unvaccinated in shopping malls. Shopping malls and business are threatening the government with lawsuits if they do this so the government came out and said they will not do this.
  • The parliament passed a bill where the police can enter a person’s house without a judge warrant. It needs to pass two more rounds to become law and it looks like they will do it.
  • The Police were extremely violent when people protested outside the Prime Ministers house.
  • Israel currently have only 94 cases of people sick with severe COVID-19.
  • There is currently a lot of noise in Israel on adverse effects but still no a sound coming out of mainstream media.
  • The government spending loads of money on COVID-19 marketing.

The document by the Ministry of Health showing masks don’t work:

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