UNFORGIVABLE SIN: Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche On Natural Immunity Being Safer For Children

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His point is that this virus is an infection in children, like the flu – and not a disease. There is no beneficial result in forcing children to vaccinate for this virus as the side effects could bring on actual childhood diseases.

Vaccines are based on the idea of Natural/Innate Immunity, and there is data that suggests that this ‘vack-seen’ could inhibit your innate immune system, making people more susceptible to other diseases.

If governments start to push for a ‘vack-seen’ specific to Omicron, we will lose our opportunity to reach ‘herd immunity’. Unfortunately, it’s no longer about science, as Dr. Vanden Bossche says – as a matter of fact, a lot of the science has been ignored – it has become political, at the expense of everyone’s health.

Dana Loesch talks with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who has a PHD in virology – Certified Expert in microbiology and infectious diseases – with a long standing career in human vaccinology, and Dr. Vanden Bossche warns of this ‘vack-seen’ creating more harm than good in children.

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