What Is Russia’s Primary Objective In Ukraine?

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If Russia were to attack Ukraine where would they attack and what is their primary objective?

While the Ukrainian public attempts to live a normal life war strategists are theorising what will Russia do.

While Kiev(1) is often mentioned as the first of the possible directions of the attack since it is only 90 km away from the border with pro-Russian Belarus. Experts indicate that this is not the most likely target.

Kharkiv Oblast (2) would be better value for Russia for political and tactical reasons since the locals are not strongly opposed to Russia in general.

However the Odessa Oblast (3) appears to be the main objective as it is a neglected part of Ukraine and the region is adjacent to the pro-Russian, separatist Transnistrian Republic. It is also very close to the Russian-occupied Crimea.

The last and best option is the land corridor (4) between Russia and Crimea which has strategic value since Russia has problems with the supply of electricity and water to the Crimea peninsula and would give Russia land access as the bridge they built between the city of Kerch and Russia was not enough so a need for an inland corridor would be an the ideal solution for Crimea.

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