How Is The Trucker Rebellion Going To End?

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To save the U.S. economy from a trucker rebellion, Joe Biden will lift his trucker vaccine mandate. Trudeau will have to follow.

1. I think I know how this trucker rebellion is going to end. Hear me out.

2. Two days in a row, Liberal MPs have publicly distanced themselves from Trudeau’s fiasco. He’s never had such a crisis before and he’s never mismanaged it so badly. Gerald Butts’ usual advice – smear everybody as racist sexist Nazis – isn’t working. It’s made things worse.

3. No-one believes it anymore, especially when everyone can see for themselves how happy and Canadian the crowd is. They see thousands of Canadian flags but they hear Trudeau snarling about Nazi flags. Suddenly Trudeau looks old and out of touch.

4. So Trudeau is abusing working people, minorities, independent thinkers. People who used to vote for him. I can’t get over the fact that 57% of Green voters love the truckers. Trudeau’s smiley mask has slipped; he’s shown his rage. Voters will never un-see that.

5. Trudeau never apologizes (except for when he apologizes for other people’s sins). He is emotionally incapable of admitting he was wrong. He never has in his life. So he’s stuck as the angry guy. It’s not a good look. That’s 100% Gerald Butts.

6. Trudeau is polling as the worst politician to deal with the crisis according to BOTH pro- and anti-truckers! (How is that even possible?) It’s a remarkable combination of insults, incompetence, and fleeing the city. Both sides blame Trudeau.

7. But he can’t back down now. How can you call someone a racist sexist Nazi, and say you’ll never meet with them — and then meet with them? But that’s exactly what most people want Trudeau to do. Including half of the people in Ottawa!

8. Trudeau has made outrageous threats and the Ottawa Police have disgraced themselves by carrying out those threats with shocking brutality. This video has 3M views in two days. This is Trudeau’s vibe now. But how can he back down? He can’t lose face.

9. That video is bad enough. But imagine going truck by truck, extracting men, women and children? Here’s a vid from the Coutts border crossing. What’s Trudeau going to do — shoot them? Policing doesn’t work when the bulk of citizens don’t consent.

10. So the truckers aren’t backing down. All Ottawa courts would do is end the honking. The Coutts and Milk River blockade probably have 5,000 people in the middle of the prairie. And now the single most important bridge in North America is locked down.

11. I call it the most important because it carries 25% of Canada-U.S. trade on it — connecting the auto industry on either side of the Detroit River. And the bridge just happens to be privately owned, too.

12. Trudeau has no clue what to do. He’s losing his cool. He’s losing voters. He’s even losing his MPs. Only the fools at the Ottawa Police and the Media Party are still marching with him. Gerald Butts is panicking — he’s lashing out and suing critics.

13. But look at this! Vice President Jen Psaki (I think that’s her title) was asked about the truckers. And she didn’t do a Butts. She didn’t smear or slander or attack. In fact, she seemed to praise the truckers and pretend Joe Biden was one of them!

14. For all her flaws VP Psaki can control her emotions, unlike Trudeau and Butts. Trudeau thought demonizing truckers somehow made him look better, so he doused the fire with kerosene. Psaki was conciliatory and friendly. Why?

15. Again, because she can control her emotions. She doesn’t have a vendetta against Canadian truckers like Trudeau does. She just doesn’t want the Trucker Spring to spread to the U.S. She doesn’t want the political optics. She doesn’t want the economic carnage. She’s a grown-up.

16. Imagine what a trucker rebellion would do in the U.S. Supply chain mess. Inflation. Unemployment. Visual proof of Biden’s economic failure on TV every night. Alienating working class voters Biden needs so desperately this November. Trudeau’s mess is creeping over the bridge.

17. But the truckers are already changing the political climate. Half a dozen Democrat states just ended mask mandates. Democrats are looking for a graceful exit for Fauci. Biden doesn’t need this staring contest. And here, I predict, is how this ends:

18. Biden gets the CDC to announce that The Science has evolved again, and St. Fauci now says truckers don’t need to be vaccinated to cross the border. Biden’s policies are working so well, they can be retired already! Biden is a friend of the working man!

19. Biden saves the day. He saves jobs. He’s normalizing America! And the Teamsters will praise him. And because he didn’t demonize the truckers, he won’t lose face. But all cross-border trucks do round trips. So if Biden ends the vaccine mandate, Trudeau has to, as well.

20. You can’t have a cross-border vaccine mandate in one direction. Biden will move, Trudeau will follow. He’ll say it was for Canada-U.S. relations, and that it wasn’t because of those racist, sexist, Nazi truckers. But of course, it will be. And everyone will know it.

21. These Canadian truckers — and everyone cheering them on, despite the rage of the establishment — are saving Canada. They’re already making us more free. They’ve done more damage to Trudeau than the last two Conservative Party leaders combined. They’re a political tsunami.

22. They’ve restored a sense of community in a country that Trudeau and Butts pitted against itself. They’ve restored a common purpose in a country where lockdown laws kept us isolated from each other. They’ve literally been a moveable street festival. They’re great Canadians.

23. I mean, come on. Don’t you wish you were there?

24. But what’s never happened before is these Canadian truckers will be responsible for making America a freer place. The daily TV images of the Canadian truckers have some paternity in the Democrats’ about-face on masks this past week. (What other intervening event did that?)

25. But it’s those brave truckers on the Ambassador Bridge who put a fright into Biden and Psaki. In 1812, the last time Canada invaded the U.S., they sacked the place and burned down the White House. Psaki doesn’t know her history but Biden is old enough to have been there.

26. To save the U.S. economy from a trucker rebellion, Joe Biden will lift his trucker vaccine mandate. Trudeau will have to follow, though he will be so enraged he’ll probably punch through the drywall. I can’t see much further into the future than that. What do you think?

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