Headwind 4: Scientists Speaking Out Against The Prevailing COVID Narrative Within Their Field

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Dr. Robert Malone, dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and prof. dr. Mattias Desmet.

Three outspoken and sharply criticized scientists in an in-depth conversation about the incredible past two years, the difficult time that awaits us without a doubt, and the hope they have for the future in spite of everything. In the fourth episode of Headwind.

Scientists Malone, Vanden Bossche and Desmet, all three, have been striking their necks for the past two years by speaking out against the prevailing COVID narrative within their field. Despite the fact that the entire academic world turned against them, they still have the rock-solid belief that they are right with their warnings and predictions. And that, despite headwinds, they are heading in the right direction.

Razor-sharp analysis

The three have had a lot to do with each other in sharpening their ideas, as evidenced during the downright fascinating roundtable discussion in Andalusia. Together, they have been analyzing the past two years in the medical, psychological and social spheres. They complement each other on mass formation and the unmistakable march towards a totalitarian system within our democracies. In doing so, they elaborate on the dubious role of the media and the Thrusted News Initiative, which stifled any form of scientific debate.

They also talk about the dangers of mass vaccination during a pandemic, about discriminating against the unvaccinated and about the rifts within families that have arisen through the creation and adherence to a particular narrative.

Unique possibility

But they also come up with solutions. To break the mass formation. To finally turn the danger of a looming totalitarian world into something positive.

Scholars agree that we must put up with the very difficult time ahead. But they also hope that with the right mentality and by continuing to speak out as human beings, we have a unique opportunity to ultimately create a better world.

The roundtable discussion between dr. Robert Malone, dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and prof. dr. Mattias Desmet at Headwind is an absolute recommender. So look!

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