Part 1: Vaccines Are Destroying People’s Immunity Through ‘Immune Imprinting’: Dr. Robert Malone

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“The question is, why are these people that have had these repeated vaccinations, the ones that are getting the more severe infections, disease, and death? It’s a paradox.”

There’s a known phenomenon within the vaccine scientific community called “immune imprinting,” where it’s understood that frequent vaccinations can push out existing immunity within people. This has become a growing concern among experts with the COVID-19 vaccines, since people are being mass vaccinated for virus strains that are largely defunct; and as the virus continues to mutate, the vaccine is becoming less effective.

“The truth is now, that it’s the highly vaccinated that are putting us all at risk for further evolution of this virus.”

According to Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, the current situation where the efficacy of vaccines is fading should have been expected. He also warns that the next wave of vaccinations, planned for Omicron and new variants around August or September, should sound alarm bells over the phenomena of immune imprinting.

We speak with Dr. Malone about this phenomena, and what people should be aware of.

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