‘Globalist Monopoly’ Owns 85% of US Cattle Supply Chain, Destroying American Ranchers

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Dr. Brooke Miller is the president of the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association—a nationwide organization that represents U.S. cattle ranchers.

If one could successfully get a monopoly on US Cattle it would be easier to shift the masses to a more profitable and ‘almost as good’ Plant Based burger. They may be able to do it on —price— instead of executive orders and coercion.

In this interview, Dr. Miller breaks down the looming threat facing the U.S. cattle industry that he says is likely to result in a significant increase in the cost of beef, a decline in the overall quality of beef sold in stores, the breakdown of the U.S. cattle industry, and a potential food shortage crisis if the U.S. government fails to take immediate action.

Dr. Miller explains how the U.S. beef industry is controlled by four meat-packing companies, three of which are foreign-controlled, that monopolize the industry by setting arbitrarily low prices for cattle ranchers while gouging wholesalers and retailers with inflated prices for finished beef products. These low purchase prices set by the packagers are driving cattle ranchers out of business by the thousands, placing the future of the industry in serious jeopardy if nothing changes.

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