Pfizer Admits The Covid Vaccine’s Ability To Prevent Transmission Was Never Tested

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Rob Roos – Pfizer admits the Covid vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission was never tested.

Take the shot for grandma was a lie!

During a COVID hearing at the European Parliament, Pfizer’s representative said it never tested the ability of its COVID vaccine to prevent transmission. They had ONE job.

95% Vaccine Efficacy lie was referring to a relative risk reduction of an individual getting a symptomatic infection but they did not do a trial for transmission. The vaccine does not work in the upper respiratory tract and therefore could in theory reduce severity of disease but not the spread. Save grandma was a lie.

Dutch MP Rob Roos questioning of Janine Small, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets.

“Governments pushed millions of people worldwide to get vaccinated… they tricked perfectly healthy young people into taking this jab using false arguments. And they used big words such as ‘anti-social’ to sow immense hatred against people who refused to comply” – Rob Roos, Dutch MEP

“To you, Ms. Small, I have the following question, to which I would like to receive a clear response,” Roos said in Dutch before switching to English. 

“Was the Pfizer vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?”

Dr Campbell Update And Commentary

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