XBB and Other New Variants And Immune Imprinting

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New variants are extensively escaping the immune system.

Possibly due to the immune imprinting. Drbeen Medical Lectures reviews a preprint study from China.

XBB combines two different Omicron strains and has the greatest ability to evade antibody protections among newly emerging variants, a new study finds.

Experts are paying close attention to the XBB strain, which combines two different Omicron strains.

Experts are also concerned that monoclonal antibody treatments might be less effective against newer variants like XBB and BA.2.75.2.

So far, the XBB strain is causing a small surge in cases in countries like Bangladesh and Singapore. The latter has recorded a daily average of about 5,500 cases over the past week, up from 2,000 cases last month.

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