Two Narratives: Insights from the Tucker Carlson Interview on the Ukraine War, Israel-Hamas Conflict and the Challenge of Transporting Natural Gas to Europe

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Tucker Carlson: The Vladimir Putin Interview

Tucker Carlson lacks a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of the Ukraine War, including factors such as Syria, Turkey, proposed gas pipelines from Qatar to Europe, the Russia Ukraine pipeline to Europe and Ukraine’s mineral resources. The sabotage of Nord Stream by the US is not without reason.

Putin signed a treaty with Ukraine to ensure gas transportation to Europe, and now, many years later, when Ukraine rejected their gas line he decides to invade the country.

Putin halted the possibility of the Qatar pipeline by entering Syria and has now intervened in Ukraine to thwart the Israeli pipeline.

It’s often overlooked, but Israel is poised to become a significant natural gas player, planning to route its gas to Europe via Greece, potentially connecting to Ukrainian pipelines.

The transport of Natural Gas underpins the conflict, as revealed in Putin’s response during the Tucker Carlson interview. Laughing at the notion of Russia fearing NATO or the US, Putin urged a more serious dialogue, asking, “Are we going to have a serious discussion or speak like children?”

Putin believed Tucker Carlson understood that the essence of the conflict was about gas, diverging from the conventional narrative of fearing NATO that Russia uses to sway public opinion in the West.

There’s a strategic rationale behind the US aircraft carrier group protecting Israeli natural gas assets near the Lebanon border. It’s all about gas, which also explains why the US took action against the Nord Stream pipeline.

Full Video Interview Below

The Ukraine War Was Mostly About Gas And It Involves The Middle East

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